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    UK Tights was formed in September 2005 and was founded by myself, Dawn Barber and my husband Jonathan. We felt that there was a genuine gap in the market for the supply of good quality hosiery at the right price. We also felt that there was little choice out there for women. Ladies of all shapes and sizes deserved to have a great choice of hosiery and their needs were just not being met.

    We decided to start up our own company and give it our best shot. Initially we worked out of our dining room at home and it was just me for a while. Jonathan maintained his regular job as a Senior Systems Development Engineer and Senior Java Programmer. He was a contractor and earned good money so this allowed me to work at the business and not have to take a big salary. Jonathan joined on a full time basis in 2007 as the workload became so heavy that we couldn’t carry on with just me and there was so much programming work to be done that it made good sound business sense for him to join the company and put in all the skills and expertise that he has on this front. My skills lie in the buying and selling of products as I have previous experience in both fields. I was a buyer for 4 years and I have 20 years selling experience. My love of the customers and products that we offer, gives me an edge over customer care I hope.

    Jonathan and I have four children. Our eldest son is Kyle. He is now 20 and joined the business in June 2009. Kyle is responsible for our entire social media content, blog, face book, you tube, twitter etc. He also takes care of our affiliate programme as well as keeping his hand in on customer services.
    Our second son is Callum. He is aged 18. He works for us on a part time basis whilst studying for his A Levels in French, German and English Literature. We have another son Alexander who is 13. Alexander started high school in September 2009 and enjoys lots of different sports.
    Finally, we have a gorgeous little girl who is 5 years old. Her name is Poppy and she’s a minx. She already loves all the girlie stuff such as make up, shoes and of course hosiery!
    The other members of the team at UK Tights are Dave. He’s our brother-in-law and is married to my sister Carol. They have a daughter Alishia who works for us on an ad-hoc basis, when we’re really busy. Dave joined us in January 2010 and works for us on a full time basis. His main duties are the management of the warehouse and he does this with great expertise.
    We also have Matt and Becky who are Dave’s assistants. Matt and Becky help to pick, check, pack and dispatch orders. Matt is also responsible for the returns department. Georgina is new to UK Tights. She is my personal assistant and helps me on a day to day basis. She also deals with a lot of the customer care side of things along with Kyle and I.
    Quite often if you call us you’ll speak to either, Kyle, Georgina or me. That’s what’s great about working at UK Tights. We’re all one big happy family and we like to take care of our customers. We all have the same goal in mind. At our busiest times we bring in extra help but normally from people who we know and trust. As you can see, it’s very much a family business and we like to think we’ll be able to keep it that way for a while. We make quite a team!
    We moved into new premises in 2009. Our warehouse is now 4,000 square feet and is purpose built for our needs. We are completely self contained and welcome visitors at anytime. Always best to call first though so we can make sure someone has run the vacuum around and that we have a steady supply of chocolate biscuits.
    I hope this information has proved to be an interesting read for you and if I can help you in any way please feel free to contact me.
    We are well aware that our customers are the most important people in our establishment and come before anyone else. I hope you enjoy the website and your shopping experience with us.

    All the very best and thank you for the business, it’s much appreciated......


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