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    Hottest toys for the coolest people !

    1. Outstanding and unparalleled commitment to the highest customer service level possible. Take notice of our toll free support via phone, live chat, and of course you can always contact us via email. Whatever is more convenient for you, we are here to help. Most toy store competitors do not offer such services.

    2. Trend Times loves you and considers you family. We understand that toys create wonderful memories for everyone and the first step is finding that perfect gift. That’s where we come in to fulfill your every fantasy about toys you never thought existed or always wanted to see in production. For example, think you are crazy for wanting a flying car that could also land/take off from water? Well, we like your style and you are fun, not crazy. Check out our Hydroflyer flying cars and be playing in days.

    3. Trend Times receives many inquiries about parts for toys that are sold at mass retailers that we all grew up with, but grew out of by age 10. Forget running around to find parts. We carry spare parts for nearly every toy and hobby we sell so you can start having fun as soon as possible.

    4. Get with the Trend Times innovators, not imitators. You would be really surprised to see how boring some sites are. Some, who will remain nameless for now, copy our content as they are void of any real vision or creativity. Get with the best toy store on the planet that cares about the community while continuing to offer toys and products that are ahead of the curve.

    5. TrendTimes.com believes in helping the greater good and donates toys whenever possible to legitimate organizations. Phoenix Children’s hospital is one our favorite Charities to work. If you have a reputable cause, feel free to contact us via email and we will see what we can do to help you. Keep in mind that our company receives a lot of requests, but we certainly do our best to help as many people as possible. This service is for special cases when smiles are rare. That is the Trend Times difference. Our job is to make your days and nights as fun as possible. We truly care about you and your day to day life.

    6. Fast shipping and delivery right to your door.

    7. Trend Times special promotions and sales on toys are offered to our customers throughout the year.

    8. New shipments of toys arriving daily at TrendTimes.com

    9. Trend Times Toys Celebrates Over 10 Years In Business

    10. We Love You And Want You To Enjoy Some Toys In Life!
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    • i want one but i want one for less then 250 (KWA HK Airsoft G36C AEG Electric Blow Back Assault Rifle)
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