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About EprofeelHow to use Eprofeel

About Eprofeel

What is Eprofeel?

Eprofeel is a virtual tradeshow, also referred to as an online tradeshow or web tradeshow. Eprofeel presents on its site the greatest possible number of offers and products from companies based all over the world. Indexed in a single search engine and presented through tradeshows and halls, you can find the products that you are looking for, compare offers and purchase as you so choose. To find out more, see the page About Eprofeel

Does the Eprofeel site sell products itself?

No, Eprofeel does not sell directly, it simply puts its visitors in contact with professionals to enable them to make their purchases.

How to use Eprofeel

How do you search for a product or exhibitor on Eprofeel?

You can search for a product by entering keywords such as the product name, its brand or the reference of a particular model into the search bar. You can also enter a company’s name.
Lastly, it is also possible to browse the tradeshows and halls that you feel best relate to your search.

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